Lid Pacing Station

The PSC-3M is used for the automatic placing of the battery covers on the assembly line. The station has been studied so as that it can be installed on existing lines. Ease of use through both a manual wheel encoder positioning system so to permit a quick magazine changeover between cover types. Suitable for use with both automotive and truck batteries. The buffer zone uses a conveyor to convey the covers to the loading elevator.After which the placing pincer take the cover and place it on the battery. Encoders are used so as to place the cover correctly each and every time.


Post Burning Station Truck/Car

The post burning station is rapidly becoming our most requested model. This station specifically used for the post burning operation where the addition of lead is needed in order to finish the pole. The station has post measuring station used to measure the pole before the post creation operation and calculates the amount of lead needed in order to make the post in the desired height. Specifically adapted for use where the post is of minimum size on truck and semi traction batteries through the use of a chiller to avoid damage to the battery cover. An additional post measuring unit is available as an option to check the finished post.


Cast On Strip

C.O.S. in linear or circular configuration as a function of existing spaces and installations.In both configurations, the cycle time is 20 seconds, a time which allows the production of 3 or 6 batteries per minute depending on the type of mold or quad. The COS are normally equipped with automatic loading of plates taken from a buffer groups, and unloading of the container weldment (block). The control panel controls all functions and has a diagnostic system for the immediate visualization of the fault.The machines are easily accessible and some stations are removable for easy and quick maintenance.

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