Lead Strip Decoiler

This station is responsible for decoiling operation of lead strip coils previously supplied from the rolling mill. Part of a complete line proposed by OMR, the station can be adapted to existing intallations if required. Through the use of small pedestal control box located near the station the lead strip decoiler permits the operator to unload empty coils and load new coils to be used in the expanded metal station. The station is supplied with all necessary controls for a safe, constant and reliable operation.


Lead Strip Welder

This station permits the line operator to safely and securely weld togheter the tail of one coil with the head of a new coil thereby eliminating line down time due to coil changeover. The operation is straightforward and simple through the use of cold fusion of the two parts. Part of a complete line proposed by,the station can be adapted to existing intallations if required. The station is supplied with all necessary controls for safe constant and reliable operation.


Lead Strip Expander

This is the heart of Expanded Metal Line. Through the use of 5 electric motors working together under a mathematical algorithm, the achieves perfect expansion of the stript each and every time. Although the GIGAN can run at speeds of up to 22 m/min, reliable, continous and costant expansion is achieved at speed of 20 m/min thus guaranteeing a solid basis for calculating true production figures for production management. with an OEE of over 94%


Plate Cutter

The PCEM is specifically for use EX-MET lines with a speed of upto 30 m/min. The cutting operation is entirely automatic and the cutting takes place through the use of independent holding and cutting blades. Easily adapted during operation so as to permit exact and costant cutting on the nodes. The station includes an outlet conveyor so as to permit the slight opening of the cut plates for presentation to the flash drying oven. The outlet conveyor includes a small roller so as to flatten any plates that have warped during the pasting or cutting process.


Plate Stacker

The plate stacker is specifically adapted for use with EX-MET plates from all types of manufactoring processes. Suitable for use with ‘soft’ EX-MET plates due to the correct alignment during conveying and stacking. Various worldwide installations prove the efficiency and reliability of this stacker and solves the problems regarding the use of paper on plates which may create problems in the stacking process: The plates are presented in a correct way so as to eliminate the need for front and lateral aligning pistons which may damage the plates being stacked. Ease of use and Ease of access to the stacking group permit quick resolutions to all problems encountered during operation.


Plate Palletizer

The palletizer is the right choice for the palletizing operations of plates from the pasting line. International Manufacturers are continuously looking for ways to reduce manpower on the factory floor. This system along with one of our stackers (or an existing one) permits the removal of personnel from the line. Specifically adapted both to floor space available and pallet type used. The PP24 uses encoders on all three axis and recipe management for the palletizing of different types of plates. A reliable and constant operation through the complete use of original certified parts.


Lead Strip Pasting Station

The pasting station is our proposed solution for the pasting EX-MET grids.Through the use of a cotton belt the quality of paste applied to the grid is costant and homogeneous. This is also merit due to the particular design of the paster drum shoes. The system is adapted for use with all standard paper types through the use of our exclusive paper regulation process. Easy of regulation of the planarity of the EX-MET belt during the pasting operation thereby reducing stops and down rime of the pasting line. Hopper realised entirely in AISI 316L INOX.


Cut Clean Plates

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